As it currently stands, Michigan ranks up there in the states with the highest COVID-19 cases. Out of all of our Counties tho, Jackson is considered one of those hot spots for outbreaks.

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Two Jackson area schools recently announced that they saw an increase in COVID-19 cases in their districts. The two schools were Vandercook Lake High School and Parkside Middle School, according to WILX.

On top of those two schools, four other school districts in the area are reporting outbreaks of the virus, including Bean Elementary, Parma Elementary, Paragon Charter Academy, as well as Grass Lake Middle School.

Michigan saw a spike in cases over the past few weeks, and we're finally seeing a down-going trend in the case numbers. Sunday and Monday's combined case numbers were 6,524 which is down from previous weeks.

Michigan also recently announced the resume of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine here in Michigan again. Many places such as Sparrow, as well as Meijer offering walk-in vaccine shots now, to hopefully help make the vaccine more available to those who'd like to get the vaccine.

You can get up-to-date COVID-19 numbers and updates for the state of Michigan, by clicking this link. You can also stay up to date on all local coronavirus news by clicking here.

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