Straight from the Steve Gruber News Desk.

Attorney General Barr says suggestions that Donald Trump would refuse to leave office if he were to lose in November are quite simply crap. This put out by Democrats trying to get a reaction.

Two Ohio kids suspended to carrying back the blue flags on the football field, have been re-instated and gotten another big boost too. You will not believe how much they got in return for their efforts.

The Battle lines are being drawn already over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and those on the left are positioning to fire a barrage of political attacks that will make the Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings look like child’s play. They are declaring war on the rest of us.

Impeachment efforts may be put back in play according to some sources and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t deny it.

Other threats include trying to pack the Supreme Court with several new justices and tip it over to the left.

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