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Sports fans are furious after Novak Djokovic got tossed out of the US Tennis Open Championships because a ball he swatted away and  hit a judge. Yeah, I am not much of a pro tennis fan but it was absolutely ridiculous.

In Colorado, more proof that the world has lost its collective mind. A boy is thrown out of school, virtual school that is, because a toy gun was seen on screen during an online class. Yes you heard me right, tossed out for a toy gun AT HIS HOME!

The incredible number of people turning out for impromptu Trump rallies really should give the Democrats pause as to what is happening. The enthusiasm to vote for President Trump is unlike anything I have ever seen before in my life and the yard signs and support continue to grow.

The number of signs I saw driving home yesterday dwarfed what I saw before the weekend.There is a phenomenon going on!

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