Here's what you need to know on THURSDAY MAY 28th 2020.

Hong Kong is no longer an autonomous region according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He says the Chinese Communists have imposed new national security legislation destroying the rights of the people.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is spiraling into the deep dark abyss for ordering Covid positive patients into nursing homes. Now it's revealed that he made a deal with nursing home execs to protect them from liability before taking massive campaign donations. Yeah, this is going well.

While the whole Democrat Party is falling apart and President Trump is enjoying record high approval ratings from Gallup, Nancy Pelosi is keeping her eyes on the prize. The biggest prize of all is the ability to steal elections—any way possible—and that’s why there is a big push for mail in ballots.

New York City is crumbling financially and the liberal stronghold is now demanding that those they make fun of all day long pick up the bill. In fact Mayor Dip Losero says they need at least $7 billion right now.

Big Gretch is still bailing water from her awful explanation over the attempt by her husband to strong arm the Governor's yacht out of storage for the Memorial Day Holiday. Now more trouble as emails surface contradicting her explanations for hiring partisan Democrat groups for contact tracing—it's been a tough week huh?

Joe Biden is out of his basement, but that doesn’t mean he is asked any hard questions. No of course not—the first ones to get a shot were the hard working, hard nosed journalists of CNN. I’m surprised they didn’t ask him about ice cream flavors and his favorite color. I mean the death of journalism is official.

Your Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against the reduction of fuel economy standards. She says it’s the only way to save lives. Of course she ignores the fact that highway deaths will go up by 15% because of less safe, lighter cars and trucks...

The breaking point is drawing near for those who are still locked out of their businesses and their jobs. There is only so much that can be taken from them before they say no more, we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

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