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The new federal food “smart snack” rules forced on schools this year are taking a huge bite out of schools' cafeteria budgets across the nation.

Some schools say they are losing more than $1,000 a day, according to EAG News.  Joanne Hurley, school board member for Florida’s Pasco County Schools said: “This is federal overreach at its worst," according to EAG News.

Do you believe the Federal government should be imposing such strict rules in our local school cafeterias?

There is widespread opposition to the federal restrictions on calories, fat, whole grains, and sodium with students and school districts across the nation.

I have spoken to several local students, and they have told me that they no longer want to buy lunch because they are not given enough food, which makes them hungry for the rest of the day and unable to concentrate on their studies.

So, what has all this brought us? More than 1 million students dropped out of the various lunch programs and more than $1 billion in food waste, according to EAG News.  In fact, according to  according to EAG News the financial situation has gotten so bad for some school districts they have opted to forgo federal lunch funding to salvage their cafeteria programs by feeding students foods they’ll actually buy and eat.

Are these new regulations something our federal government should be imposing for the good of the nation?

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