Kaci Hickox, the nurse who recently returned to the United States after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, went on a bike ride with her boyfriend Thursday. They had quite an entourage for her outing. Hickox was followed by a police cruiser and a parade of journalists watching their every move.

Hickox should be applauded for her efforts battling Ebola in West Africa however her arrogance regarding the welfare of her neighbors here in the States has eroded much of her support.

First after being placed in quarantine in New Jersey by Governor Chris Christie she accused him of putting her in prison.

Here’s the deal Nurse Hickox; please give your neighbors and your ego a rest. We all know you are a registered Democrat and an activist. It is unlikely that you have Ebola but the same was true for Dr. Craig Spencer before his positive diagnosis and isolation at Bellevue Hospital.

To me she has lost her good will by acting like an ass. Just take a few days at home… sip some wine and please just shut up!