Well, well, well, what is good for the goose apparently is not good for the gander with Democrat Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer.

The Daily Caller reported that Schauer registered his gubernatorial campaign staff for non-ObamaCare health care plans, which tells me that Schauer believes that the Un-Affordable Care Act is truly unaffordable — at least for him and his staff.

Schauer registered his staff’s plans through the Small Business Association of Michigan, not through Obamacare plans.

Now remember Schauer told all of us he read the entire bill, and he voted for the Un-Affordable Care Act as a U.S. congressman.

Does this make him a hypocrite?

Why is the U-ACA good for you and I but not himself and his staff?

What does he know that he is not sharing with us (remember he said that he read the entire bill before he voted on it)?

Is this what you want in a leader?

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