Michigan health officials now say 10 people are being monitored for possible Ebola, but they say none has tested positive for the deadly virus.

"We're working with the local health departments to monitor, it's actually 10 individuals now who are at low risk of Ebola right now," Jennifer Smith, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Community Health, told MLive.com

Low risk means those who have traveled to regions of Africa where the virus exists, but have not come in direct contact with an Ebola patient and are generally in good health.

Those at the MDCH say the great majority of travel from those regions comes into five U. S. airports and Detroit's Metro is not one of them.  But they say some who have traveled through those are now in Michigan and the monitoring is a precaution.

"These are individuals that we became aware of through the screening process at the airports," Smith said.

Smith is refusing comment on where those being monitored are living in the state, but Kent and Oakland counties have released information that monitoring is and has been going on in their jurisdictions.

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