Once again Pope Francis has wandered far afield and into the deep weeds of leftist ideology and philosophy. The Pope declared to tens of thousands of millennials during World Youth Day in Southern Poland that it’s time to ‘believe in a new humanity’.

The Pope has routinely wandered into politics during his reign as Pontiff and his latest foray once again underscores his far left vision of the world today and in the future. He promoted a world that “rejects hatred between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers and can cherish its own traditions without being self centered or small minded” he said.

I believe Pope Francis should follow his own advice and begin by setting an example for the entire world to follow. The Vatican is a city state that is surrounded by an enormous wall. It is time to tear down that wall and embrace as many refugees from the Middle East that would like to call Vatican City their new home. So by all means Father- show us the way and lead by example. I say stop the divisiveness and tear down the wall. Stop building walls and start building bridges. I am quite sure the wall around the Vatican could be removed in a few days.

Will the Pope step up and lead?

Of course not because it is abject non-sense to tear down the wall protecting the Vatican from the rest of the world that would do it harm and hang him the leader of a billion Catholics from the nearest lamppost. So too we should keep and protect our borders, not out of hate but rather out of respect for ourselves, our children, our nation and our future, #AmericaMatters.

In the meantime the Pope is welcome to pontificate about any thing he wants but don’t be surprised that we just write him off as another left wing kook who would hug a man wearing a suicide vest just for the sake of diversity.

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