Debbie Wasserman Shultz was basically carried kicking and screaming from the room today on the eve of kicking off the Democratic National Convention. A payload of dirt delivered by Julian Assange and Wikileaks bombed Shultz into submission. She had hung tough even after leaked emails showed she had blatantly favored Hillary Clinton and her campaign for President over her chief rival Bernie Sanders.

The bigger concern for Hillary and her puppets however may be the state of Florida itself, where Shultz is now fighting for her political life against an upstart challenger in the primary coming up next month.

Florida is pivotal and it was thought until today that Shultz would be key in helping deliver the state and it’s critical electoral votes to Clinton.

Now she is a damaged political operative, thrown out of her convention before she could even smack the gavel to bring the event to order. She is facing a tough re-election at home and she may find herself under investigation for some of the damaging emails released by Wikileaks.

This is certainly a major development in the Sunshine State and could cast it’s glaring light on Shultz.

If she loses however she can go the tried and true path of blaming the Russians!

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