A woman can crawl back to her abusive husband for years. People will point out that he will never change but she gets back on her feet brushes herself off and says “he didn’t really mean it.” The black eye in the mirror heals over time and for a period it seems he has changed and he will treat her with love and respect. The kids even begin to believe that dad has changed and the family is on a new path.

Suddenly however the earth shifts again. He comes home from work after a bad day, has a drink or two or three and begins to lash out. His wife frightened but diligent and loyal does her best to reassure and calm him. She feeds him and tells him it’s all going to be ok but it isn’t nearly enough he needs to dominate someone to prove he is in charge and is the strongest one in the room. With a thunderous roar he levels harsh criticism at her, the kids, the house and their life in general. Desperate she pleads with him to love her because she will do anything. Like a freight train the right fist comes around the corner with devastating efficiency. She crumbles to the ground and slams her head on the floor. Blood trickles from her nose, the children are sobbing as he roars and screams in a rage like the warning sirens whaling for the coming tornado.

Over the next few hours the storm passes. He falls asleep. The swollen eye and cracked bleeding lip thump with pain at every heartbeat. The guilt and shame overwhelm her. As a mother she does her best to calm the children and tell them it was her fault that ‘daddy’ was just angry at her and she would do better. The pathetic and terrified looks in their eyes however reflect a deeper understanding of the truth. They are trapped but their mother can lead them to safety. If only she would see that she is not ever going to be treated with the respect and dignity she so deserves. If only she could stand up and say enough, I will not be your punching bag any more. I am worthy of respect for all that I have done. I am a human being and I will no longer be treated like so much garbage.

When he finally wakens he looks over the damage done and begins his flow of apologies. He is sincere it seems. He takes the kids out for ice cream and picks up dinner from a local restaurant to bring home for everyone. The eerie calm returns to the house. He buys flowers and tells her he loves her and that it will never happen again and explains it was just because of work, or money, or frustration with a friend or a thousand other things.

The calm has returned and the time bomb begins to tick again. It is only a matter of time before the clock winds down and the train will roll down the tracks again with it’s unforgiving conductor running headfirst into the family by way of her face and feelings.

This is the same dynamic that defines the Democratic Party and it’s relationship to minority communities.

Year after year and decade after decade black voters have gone to the polls to pull the lever for Democrats in the misconception that somehow they are looking out for them. The truth is one Party was created to emancipate the slaves in America, the Republican Party. One party pushed to give freed slaves the right to vote and to own land in a series of amendments to the constitution, the Republican Party. One party pushed hard to get the Civil Rights Act of 1957 pushed through but Democrats blocked the passage of the legislation championed by Dwight David Eisenhower.

Then of course Lyndon Johnson was able to sign equal rights legislation into law in 1965 but by deriding blacks and proclaiming that those “n#@*&#@” would vote for Democrats for 200 years.

The real soul of the Democratic Party was bared this week in the 20,000 emails dumped onto the world stage by Wikileaks. There were references that were racist, sexist and misogynist in nature. What do the Democrats do? Blame the Russians of course. That may in fact be true and the Russians may well have hacked into the DNC emails but there is simply no substantial proof of that. None.

But I digress.

The truth is under liberal, progressive programs the black community and Hispanic community have faired poorly. Democrats make promise after promise but it all ends the same. More children of color are in poverty. More senior citizens of color are taking food stamps. Democrats have abused the black and brown community for decades and yet they still make promises about how they will do better. They say we will make this program and that program and we will change ‘white privilege’ and we will get you out of the ghetto. It never happens. The cycle continues.

And just like the battered wife- the black voters come crawling back believing they are actually loved and this time it will be different.

Maybe this year they will break the cycle of dependence and the cycle of poverty and the cycle of despair provided by their liberal friends.

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