Former President Bill Clinton at this point in the conversation has no role in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, unless he gets involved in a little human trafficking on the side. Oh, I’m sorry is it wrong to point out this mans proclivity to use woman as he sees fit and then discard them like so much garbage.

It would seem that the most popular member of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton should play the lead role in at least introducing his wife, Hillary Clinton but nobody can say whether he will speak or if he will be in the shadows just lurking. Which of course is one of his best skill sets.

Strange isn’t it?

The party the media wants to tell you has it’s act together, the Democrats are in fact in disarray. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been humiliated by a flood of emails dumped into the public square by Wikileaks, protesters are filling the streets of Philadelphia demanding a voice for Bernie Sanders and the convention isn’t even underway yet.

Oh boy- this is going to be good!

Oh I almost forgot where is Bill? It seems there are so many distractions rolling into Philly that ol’ Hill may have her hands full herding the cats. Good luck with that.

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