Ted Cruz has a reputation for being self-centered and self-righteous and frankly is not well liked in many circles even among his closet supporters. Now he has taken the time to show the world why.

Not since I was 17 years old and saw Iggy Pop pelted with bottles and cans at the Pontiac Silverdome have I seen worse performance. I have never seen a political candidate chased from the stage by jeering crowds- at what should have been a friendly event.

Apparently Cruz Apparently Cruz thinks he is already on his way to the 2020 nomination to be President of the United States. However it appears he is ignoring his pledge to support the ‘eventual nominee’, and Cruz thinks he has made the clever move by nudging his hat back toward the ring. What the junior Senator from Texas doesn’t seem to realize, not even after getting soundly beaten by Donald Trump in the primaries, is there is the important concept of time and place. Cruz’s self serving pontifications were simply rude and out of place. If he didn’t want to support the nominee he should have passed on the invitation. However Ted Cruz who has railed against Trump and his ego- himself is unable to walk away from the cameras.

Well the bottom line is this- I will likely never support Ted Cruz if he runs for President again. I would find it difficult to honor the man with my vote that didn’t honor his pledge to support Donald Trump if he were the winner of the race to the nomination. You see, if you blather on about honor and commitment but then don’t do the same thing yourself- how are you any better than those you rail against day after day?