America is a place that has always rewarded hard work and initiative, it has never embraced freeloading and free rides. That is at least until now. Over the past eight years it seems we have lost our footing and slipped into the slippery idea that the product of our neighbors work is something we are entitled to share amongst ourselves. Well, in fairness I don’t think that way and if you are old enough to have kids in Junior High and pay a mortgage, chances are you are not in tune with that idea either.

There is a whole generation that has this misconception that somehow because of being born in America, they are entitled to your work product, they are fully entitled to the fruits of your labor. Amazing really when you think about the immigrants- legal immigrants that came to this country with scarcely a dime in their pockets, not demanding a single thing, except the chance to work hard and earn their way. They didn’t expect your respect simply by being around, they got your respect the only way they knew how they earned it.

I am here to tell you however that the old fashioned, quaint idea of hard work is still alive and well in the nations heartland. This week in Cleveland I have talked to scores of fellow Americans that are disgusted by the entitlement mentality that has been allowed to flourish in the hearts, minds and souls of our young people. There are millions of your fellow citizens that are ready to take those spoiled brats to the wood shed for some real lessons on life.

Unfortunately, some among the Republican elite are behaving this week as petulant children as well. They feel entitled to tell you, the American voter how to behave and what you should expect or more accurately deserve from your country. Strange isn’t it? Here is the political party that claims to be for small government, personal liberty and direct accountability, pouting and stomping it’s feet because many of the so called “big wigs’ didn’t get to have it their way.

Well hey, guess what? If you had done your job over the past 25 years and done what had been asked of you or more accurately demanded of you by the voters who gave you some massive victories, most recently in 2010 and 2014, then you wouldn’t have this massive uproar.

You see at all levels Americans, real Americans expect that they shall prosper from their own hard work and not get handouts from their neighbors or put their hands into their neighbors pockets to take what they themselves did not earn.

You see in my understanding of things- it’s not just the progressives who think they are owed a free ride it seems elitist politicians of all stripes feel the same way.

One name comes to mind, John Kasich. You do the math.