In the drive to become a gender- neutral nation, the Obama administration is making sure when we realize there are actual differences between men and women we won’t be able to do anything about it.

It seems to me that boys have been under attack most of my life. ADHD and the mass doses of medication have been primarily directed at young boys. The term “boys will be boys” is now a term at which our educators and the unions that fuel them often roll their collective eyes.

The drive now to make ‘marriage’ a gender-neutral arrangement done for the benefit of adult desire rather than the benefit of children is picking up speed every day.

The family matters. Boys are boys and girls are girls. That’s true even if a California kindergarten student was given the blessing to pursue his transgender identity as a girl and use the girls bathroom. Really? Does a 6-year-old really understand transgender issues? Or is it possible that something was put in his head?

No matter how hard they try the genders will remain separate and distinct. I just wonder if anyone will still understand that after a few more years.

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