Many inside the Bernie Sanders campaign knew full-well the whole process was rigged, they could feel it. Now there is a pile of proof that everything is free game in Hillary Clinton’s Democrat party- including smearing someone for their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

In fact the whole process was an illusion. There was never a race to the nomination- Hillary Clinton and the DNC had their thumbs on the scale the whole time. A massive dump of DNC emails by Wikileaks over the past few days has put a harsh light on the interworking of the Democratic Party. A party that blatantly used Bernie Sanders religion to attack the Vermont Senator and used it’s own interns to create fake protestors at Donald Trump rallies has been exposed for perpetuating lies and using inappropriate methods to gain an upper hand.

The Democratic Party is a reckless fraud and it’s all right there in black and white.

Here are a few links from left leaning organizations to review for yourself: