The entire Democratic primary election process was rigged. Many of the alleged anti-Trump rallies were staged, yes staged by those working with, for and in-  conjunction with the DNC. Behind the scenes the puppet masters or rather Hillary’s puppets have been working overtime to keep Madam Secretary on course to win the nomination.

The whole Wikileaks storm has moved in over the convention this week and threatens to over-shadow the entire event. It could leave Hillary looking for relevance by the end of the week. A whole lot of other story lines like Debbie Wasserman Shultz getting the boot from the convention, Tim Kaine’s pro-life position or the DNC plan to sabotage Bernie Sanders by telling voters in Kentucky and West Virginia that he was in fact a Jew or worse an atheist could steal the headlines all week.

Say what you want but Donald Trump left Cleveland in good shape. His message is clean and direct.

Hillary is in the unfortunate position of having to say all the right things to a hundred different subsets of Americans. Her message will likely be cloudy and she will have to make a million promises to buy votes.

The real race will begin to shape up in September when the candidates head to the debate stages.

And of course the question is how many more bombs does Wikileaks have to drop between now and Election Day.

Update: Wasserman Schultz is out! DNC Chair will resign. Donna Brazille will fulfill role on an interim basis.

The question is what will the next bomb do and whose political careers could be in ruins when it does happen. Stand by.


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