The drive is on to turn Texas blue and rip liberty from your fingers. Make no mistake the effort to allow another 11 million illegal aliens to become citizens has only one goal; make Texas a democratic state and therefore install one party progressive rule in our nation.

We do need immigration reform. Most importantly, we need the following:

1 - Active control of our borders and visa visitors (tracking, biometric data and follow-up on exiting or working with periodic re-registration)

2 - Enforcement of existing immigration laws and deportation of those not approved to remain.

3 - Employer sanctions and verification of workers that is ironclad. The sanctions must be brutal to ensure employer compliance. This should extend to illegal domestic workers hired routinely by our friends in D.C.

We can allow some children to become citizens, but not "extended family reunification". We can allow ‘good’ illegal aliens to get some level of residency, but not citizenship. We can increase highly trained foreign immigration, but it must actually be a true shortage and not just foreign recruitment to find cheaper labor. We should NOT allow anyone here illegally with a criminal record to remain. Period. That would mean crimes committed either foreign or domestic and would also extend to those previously deported.

The fact is we need to end lawlessness and that is not solved by Republicans capitulating to Democrats just in time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this coming November. Somebody needs to stand up for you and I and the nation we love. Period!

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