Donald Trump while taking questions from reporters for more than an hour today- something Hillary Clinton has not done since 2015 and Trump has done dozens of times he made what I thought was a sarcastic comment about the Russian conspiracy theory and the DNC email leak. He asked the Russians if they find the missing 30,000 emails she deleted from her private server to send it to the media.

I laughed.

But the left wing fascists and all of their friends in the media began screaming, “Trump is encouraging espionage” and a whole host of other utterly ridiculous comments.

Just so we are clear; Hillary Clinton according to the FBI Director was extremely careless in her use of a private server and it was likely hacked by foreign governments.

This is so far out of the park weird, unbelievable and ridiculous the media simply has no credibility left.

Michigan’s own far left Congresswoman Debbie Dingell called it ‘treason’. It is absurd and clear evidence the Clinton campaign is in full on panic. The latest poll numbers show Trumps lead growing and Hillary is viewed very poorly by the nation.

The Nation a far left rag even found it to be ridiculous in the extreme.

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