Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment.


AARP is just a for-profit insurance company Cheating seniors by raising health care costs

Steve Gruber: But it really isn't what you think. It is Phil welcome back to the program.
Phil Kerpen:  Hey Steve, great to be with you. Happy New Year.
Steve Gruber: Happy New Year to you my friend. Good to have you here. You think AARP they don't, they don't really get the image of what they really are when somebody like me. I've reached a certain age. Right? And so I've heard about AARP for years. I get to save money on my my bill whatever it might be for the restaurant or get my car worked on the AARP savings, you know, it's great. But AARP you say is nothing more than an insurance company, please explain.
Phil Kerpen: Well, they're kind of the their kind of the friendly marketing arm and political advocacy unit of the country's largest insurance company United Health and they've got an exclusive deal with United Health to sell their insurance products and they make over 600 million dollars a year doing that and a lot of people think that when they go through ARP to search for insurance products, they are getting what's best for them or

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