President Trumps eruption on Twitter this week is nothing new we’ve been here before but what doesn’t make sense is the continued outburst. He is understandably tired of getting attacked daily by the likes of Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski

from the set of ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC. Along with their live laugh track ‘pundits’ they call the President ‘Unstable, detached, appearing to have demntia, unhinged’ and so on and so forth.

After months of these silly attacks that included Mika Brzezinski tearing up and saying we are ‘all afraid’ Trump hit back and hit back hard.  This is understandable on some levels and it is even justifiable under the banner of self defense. However at some point he is just punching down and bringing attention to a second tier network and program at the expense of his own work in the Oval Office.

Mr. President it is time to look forward to focus on the agenda you laid out during your campaign and stop looking down at those sniping from the media gutter.

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