I am a Conservative and in that I am certainly not ashamed nor should I be. It is a principled position that I have arrived after years of reading, studying and learning. I have watched the ideology of Socialism, Marxism and Identity Politics fail every single time.

I am a Conservative. I am not a Republican. I am not a Libertarian but some would make the assumptions that I am. I agree with some of the views of both groups but I remain independent from each. I am an American and I find that to be much more important.

I am a Conservative. I am also a nationalist. Which, despite current hysteria surrounding that term is not a bad thing. Supporting and believing in America is a good thing in fact. I believe in my country, my constitution and my rights. I believe America is still the greatest nation in the history of nations. America is fairest of all nations and the most successful multi-cultural nation on earth. We also live in a nation that has been operating under a single form of government longer than any nation in history. America, what it stands for, it’s people and its ideals are worth defending. The left and their faithful servants in the national news media however are trying to create a negative connotation about those that believe in this country.

I am a Conservative. I am not a White Supremacist. I am not a member of the Ku Klux Klan, any Neo-Nazi group or any group that reviles those of other races, religions or creeds. To hear CNN and other tell it however being a nationalist is equivalent to wanting to promote White Supremacy. If you believe what the networks are shoveling as fast as possible there is some explosion in what they call alt-right hate groups. However last year the Anti Defamation League concluded that ‘despite a persistent ability to attract media attention’ groups like the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-Nazi are a bunch of small and disorganized bands that are continuing in a long term trend of decline.

The gut-wrenching scene in Charlottesville is going to be co-opted into a story line that all Conservatives are ‘White Nationalists’ and therefore all Conservatives and primarily white Conservatives will be automatically labeled as being in some way compliant to the radical views of Klan members and those of Neo-Nazis. They will also use the senseless vehicular homicide as a way to label President Trump as a bigot who is responsible for the violence. He is not to blame.

Two groups showed up looking for a fight in Charlottesville. One side was fueled by racist hate and the other side led by Antifa, another violent hate group aimed and stopping its opponents from speaking came prepared for violence. Both sides showed up with helmets and shields. Both sides were carrying pieces of wood and both sides were ready for war. Unfortunately they got one.

I am a Conservative and I do not subscribe to any of these misguided points of view. Period. Do not allow the media and the far left to highjack the conversation to label people just because they don’t like their point of view. Do not allow the left to give just one side of the story, blaming white Supremacists while ignoring the violent actions of Antifa and others in Charlottesville and elsewhere. Just as President Trump said the violence is coming from many sides and it all needs to be addressed harshly and brought to an end.

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