Al Gore continues to beat the drum of doom and gloom from the dark recesses of his mansions that gobble more juice and leave an environmental footprint many times larger, wider and deeper than almost all other Americans and their families. Gore, despite his incredible hypocrisy stands at the alter of Climate Change demanding we make changes to just about everything we do; otherwise Gore insists that the world we live in will become uninhabitable and we are sentencing future generations to certain death.

It seems however that the real change is in the political climate. I say this because Gore’s new move, An Inconvenient Sequel is bombing at the box office. So bad was it’s limited opening weekend that it has been pulled back to even fewer theaters in the country and right now any plans of a wide release are on hold.

Now that seems weird doesn’t it? I mean if you listen to the national media you’d think the world is coming to an end all around us and that it is a pressing international emergency that demands our immediate attention. Yawn is the reaction from most people. It seems you can only cry wolf so many times before nobody cares anymore.

I guess the whole ‘panic now!’ point of view just isn’t getting any traction any more. People have more important things to do like work, pay bills, go to the kids games and band concerts. There is a lot to do in a day and watching Al Gore preach about impending doom just doesn’t seem to be much of a priority to the vast majority of people.

I wonder how this will get the spin by the left and Gore himself. This could be the greatest twister in years and the biggest storm created by global warming so far.

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