The first 8 members of the savage street gang MS-13 arrested for the brutal murders of at least four young men on Long Island New York are all illegal aliens. Every single one is an illegal alien here in America terrorizing and murdering our citizens!

That is 8 for 8 charged for murder were living in America illegally. I really need to hear a dim witted leftist tell me right now how it’s ok to have open borders and it’s a good idea to just let these folks flow in and by the way we should give them some cash and a place to live too.

These were brutal murders where the victims were beaten with ball bats and hacked to death with machetes. When President Donald Trump said there were rapists and murders among those coming here illegally the left wing media went bananas and called him a racist. Where are they today? Hiding in their homes with a sawed off shotgun I’d guess.

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