Kathy Griffin holds up what appears to be the severed head of President Donald Trump. The bloody gruesome scene came just a few weeks into his Presidency. A video by rap star Snoop Dogg showed a scene where Donald Trump was gunned down to a catchy beat. In New York City a Shakespeare in the Park play portrayed a violent stabbing assassination of The President. For it’s part the left and fringe groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa said not a word about the vile, hate-filled violence inducing episodes from celebrities. The left wing cable news networks and their bigger siblings at the broadcast networks wasted little time before blaming Trump himself for the venal commentary exploding from Los Angeles to New York with a few stops in radically liberal college towns along the way.

On CNN over the weekend one commentator after another decried President Trumps condemnation of the violence in Charlottesville Virginia. The Presidents words were regurgitated with bile and contempt. Trump calling out violence as wrong was not nearly enough for those that have been working to delegitimize this Presidency from day one. The babbling class repeated the same songs from the same hymnal they have used since November 9, 2016; the President by denouncing violence ‘on all sides’ was in fact issuing a permission slip for fringe right groups to incite violence they said and openly support racist efforts they concluded. It was an embarrassing display of one-sided coverage with a theme, talking points and an agenda. It is the same agenda that whipped up the false Russian interference was the real reason Trump won the election and Hillary Clinton lost.

It is time to make sure you think for yourself. There is an overwhelming effort underway from liberal politicians, to inside the beltway power brokers, to the money men behind multi-national corporations to establishment Republicans; all joined together to help Trump fail and in some cases even encourage it to happen. It is blatantly clear on a daily basis. All you need is two eyes, two ears and a functioning brain.

The media outlets all sing from the same hymnal. So do the Democrats right along side the career politicians like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Lisa Murkowski. Which makes their motives suspect on a regular basis as well.

The harrowing events in Charlottesville are also suspect in some very important respects. I mean how do you explain the neo-Nazis walking right down the street and directly into the teeth of Antifa and BLM and several other radical left wing violence based resistance groups. Why were the police absent from the clash and the ensuing battle in the streets? Standard procedure since the Ku Klux Klan marched in the Jewish streets of Skokie Illinois in the mid 1970’s is to keep these groups apart. But somehow over the weekend decades of standard operating procedures just up and disappeared. Now why do you think that is? Pretty strange considering the Public Information Officer for the Charlottesville Police Department said before a car slammed into left wing protestors that both sides were armed and ready and looking for a fight. Why on earth would you not keep these two sides separated? How would the police allow these two sides that were both girding for a fight to run headlong into each other?

You know if I didn’t know better I’d say it looks almost like a setup. If I didn’t know better I’d say it looks like a setup to get a specific narrative and specific optics out into the media. That of course is crazy and of course I know better.

Here is what I do know, I am not going to let the left and the left wing media use this bloody attack and riots in the streets as a way to define me. I will not allow them to use this to create a narrative that all conservatives are racist and therefore conservatives are to be silenced at any cost. I will stand up and tell the truth about who I am and who the conservatives I know are. This vile bigoted violence is in no way something that would define me or the other conservatives I know.

The only way to confront this offensive narrative that infects the conversation about who conservatives are; is to fight back with the truth; a lot of truth. Like telling the truth about who founded the Ku Klux Klan, Democrats. Telling the truth about who went to war to defend the despicable institution of slavery, Democrats. To point out the last Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan to serve in the United States Senate was Robert C. Byrd, a Democrat. The last President believed to be a member of the Klan was Harry S. Truman, Democrat. The President that fought against women’s suffrage at all costs was Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. The long dark history of racism in America touches almost everyone but one political party, the Democrats, championed the tenets and basic principles of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy groups .

At the same time that Robert Byrd was serving as a Klan member in the US Senate and Bill Clinton was thinking about running for President, Donald Trump was being awarded the Ellis Island Award for ‘tolerance, brotherhood, diversity and patriotism.’ Go ahead and check. How is it that Donald Trump stood next to Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali for the Ellis Island Award for his efforts in minority communities in inner cities but the networks have failed to mention this fact at all? Isn’t it amazing that President Trump wasn’t branded a racist until he decide to run for President?

Trump can be recognized for his contributions to minority communities and then be condemned as a racist. Kathy Griffin can hoist what looks like the severed head of the president and be held up as a victim. Now is not the time to sit down and be quiet. Now is the time to stand up and set the record straight even if that means telling one person at a time.

This is your fight too. Stand up and be heard.

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