The Michigan Wolverines basketball team is headed into Friday’s Sweet 16 match-up with the Oregon Ducks looking for another W in the win column. The truth is a trio of W’s put the team in this position to begin with.

I’m no talking about key wins during the regular season, the teams unlikely run to the Big 10 tournament title or even the big wins so far in the Big Dance, including the major upset of Louisville last weekend. No, I’m talking about the three most important W’s on the team; Walton, Wagner and Wilson.

The three sparkplugs to Michigan’s rise seem to all come with W’s in front of their names. Derrick Walton Jr. has been the steady hand and sparkling eye that has kept the team looking forward through this magical run. Mo Wagner, it may be pronounced VAHG-Ner but it is a W nonetheless and then my favorite player on the court just because he seems so laid back is D.J. Wilson.

These are the three big W’s that could lead to a couple more W’s that are just as important and those of course are wins in the Big Dance. It continues Friday with the Ducks and I’ll be watching closely!

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