Do you remember drinking Faygo pop as a child, I forgot what it was like until I read an article in Mlive that was informing us about 15 flavors you may not have heard of.

After reading the short article it took me back to my childhood and I tried to remember the words from that great commercial. If you don't well here it is, it is titled "Remember When You Were A Kid?" and it was written by Ed Labunaki:

Comic books and rubber bands
Climb into the tree top
Falling down and holding hands
Tricycles and Redpop
Pony rides and Sunday nights
Roller skates and snowball fights
Climbin' through the window
Remember when you were a kid?
Well, part of you still is
And that's why we make Faygo
Faygo remembers
Flying kites and funny shoes
Easter eggs with speckles
ABCs and counting by twos
Washing off the freckles
Kissing a hurt to make it stop
Startin' school in September
So many things you almost forgot
Tryin' to remember
Remember when you were a kid?
Well, part of you still is
And that's why we make Faygo
Faygo remembers

Did you know that Faygo is celebrating their 110 year in business this year? I must admit I did not.

In the Mlive article they gave us the following list of flavors you may not have heard of:

  • Jazzin' BluesBerry: The blue cousin to Rock & Rye.
  • Gold: This is Faygo's sweet version of Ginger Ale
  • Cotton Candy
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Pineapple Watermelon
  • Pineapple Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Pineapple Orange
  • Peach
  • Fruit Punch
  • 60/40: Faygo's version of Squirt.
  • Black Cherry
  • Dr. Faygo: Faygo's version of Dr. Pepper.

The article also listed the 20 most popular Faygo flavors, is yours in the list?:

#20: Moon Mist Blue
#19: Dr. Faygo
#18: Raspberry Blueberry
#17: Cherry Cola
#16: 60/40
#15: Fruit Punch
#14: Cotton Candy
#13: Ginger Ale
#12: Black Cherry
#11: Pineapple
#10: Twist
#9: Peach
#8: Rock & Rye
#7: Creme Soda
#6: Root Beer
#5: Grape
#4: Cola
#3: Moon Mist
#2: Orange
#1: Red Pop

Again this brings me back to my youth and what seemed to be long great summers. If the words of the Faygo song did not take you back the commercial may, enjoy:

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