I have continued to read that the Women’s March in Washington the day after the Inauguration was ‘the biggest march in history’. That is another example of the left creating their own facts to fit their own narrative. First of all the National Park Service no longer does estimates on crowd sizes so there really isn’t an official number to go by. But unofficial estimates are fairly well accepted in many circles.

With that in mind you can see how far down the list you have to go to get to the March on January 21st.

Biggest Marches in US/ World History

Feb 2003- 15 million worldwide anti war

Nov 1969- 600,000 anti war Washington DC

June 1982- 1 million anti-nuke New York City

Oct 1995- 600,000  million man march Washington DC

April 1993- 800,000 gay rights Washington DC

Oct 1997- 600,000 Philly womens march Philadelphia

April 2004- 500,000  womens march Washington DC

January 2017- 450,000  womens march Washington DC

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