Michigan’s Department of Education State Superintendent, Brian Whiston, is asking the Attorney General of Michigan if he can issue fines to Michigan schools who do not change their mascots names from what he or others deem offensive, to something else.

Mlive reported that at the State Board of Education meeting last night Mr. Whiston told the board that last month he had asked Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to issue a legal opinion on whether he had the power to fine schools for mascot names.

Brian Whiston was quoted in that article stating:

We're waiting for that answer, if he comes back and says 'no we don't have that authority,' it could go to the Legislature and it would be up to the Legislature if they want to give us that authority

Do you really want the State Superintendent of Michigan's schools to have that much power? In fact enough power that the fines could amount to 5 to 10% of a school district's state aid payment according to Mr. Whiston.

I found it interesting that the Superintendent stated districts that did not have any complaints lodged against them concerning their mascot name would not be targeted for fines but those districts that did have complaints lodge against them would be targeted.

Why what some may say is a double standard. If it is wrong to have these "mascots" then why should it matter if complaints were made or not made?

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