We keep hearing from the President Trump protesters that “Love Trumps Hate”, really could it actually be “Hate Trumps Love”?

At the recent President Trump speech outside of Detroit yesterday Mlive.com is reporting that a University of Michigan graduate student was detained because she broke a flag off a trailer.

She was one of the protesters chanting “Love Trumps Hate”.  Well if “Love Trumps Hate” then why do you have so much hate in your heart?

A MLive photographer at the scene stated that they saw this same person:

verbally arguing with Trump supporter Rob Cortis of Livonia before police separated them

Once again “Hate Trumps Love”!

Mr. Corti said he was leaving the event when he saw this same women who was verbally arguing with him at the event tear down his flag on his trailer as he was attempting to leave.

Once again “Hate Trumps Love”!

It is being reported that the police temporarily detained her so they could obtain her information.  The police stated that they do intend to submit a charge of malicious destruction of property to the Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney's Office for review.

Why do so many of these President Trump protester carry so much hate, aggression and violence in them?

Why do they profess love when they really only have hate in their hearts?

That is up to you to decide and either align yourself with them or not.  I can say that the Democrat leadership is certainly not asking their voters to stop the aggression and violence which tells me who they align themselves with.

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