I guess I’m kinda tired of 84 Lumber and Coca-Cola and all the rest of the politically active advertisers burying us the PC message that everybody deserves to be an American and live in America. Everybody deserves to be here and if you don’t believe that we will make you feel guilty and beat you down for having a different opinion.

Is that true? Does everybody deserve to be an American? We are a nation of immigrants that’s true. Irish and Chinese and people from all ends of the earth but does that mean our is a door that should never be guarded; is ours a nation that because we were born of immigrants we are required to take anyone and everyone that comes down the pike?

It seems to me, at the risk of being called a nativist, which I am by the way; we should be prudent and careful about who comes here and what their intentions are. It seems to me that in a world that seems more dangerous than it did a couple decades ago that we should be even more diligent about who gets the keys to enter the America I have been a part of building for fifty years with my sweat and my contributions in tax dollars.

If people want to come here and change the fabric that is America why should we accept that? The answer quite simply is we shouldn’t. This is a nation like all nations with traditions and culture that must be respected. If you are coming here with the intention of changing whatever you can under the cover of “your racist and bigoted’ if you don’t take everyone from anywhere and all the time. That is complete non-sense and you of course know that.

Why is it that we don’t hear people of color that came here from East Pakistan, India or Burma screaming that they are not being treated right? Why is the enrollment of Asian students higher than those of African Americans and Latinos at almost every of America’s elite colleges and universities? Why don’t we see those immigrants marching in the streets?

It seems to me that the most common protester I recognize in the streets screaming about being victims and unfair treatment and demanding justice are white kids from privileged backgrounds that were probably coddled too much by mommy and daddy.

So here is my solution:

1.) Every kid complaining about capitalism and it’s evil corporations should immediately give up all of their iPhones, Androids, laptops, drones and anything else connected to the American Dream

2.) Every person stricken with White Privilege Syndrome and living in the lilly-white suburbs should immediately give up their home to a person in need that has been victimized by living in America.

3.) Every person convinced that man is behind the idea of global warming should immediately give away every vehicle that has an internal combustion engine and remove every product derived from petroleum products which includes but is not limited to: all plastic products found just about everywhere in the world, nearly all clothing products, fire retardant products, medicines, paint, make-up and ten thousand other items that could be listed by actual scientists in an hour or so.

4.) Every person that thinks that America is too rich, too powerful and too arrogant should put their name and address on the internet right now and offer to trade places with someone in a third world nation so they can be honest about their motivation.

The point is; I am tired of people running this country down and more importantly running down the people that are their neighbors and attacking the people they voted for to run this nation.

I am all in for America- what about you?

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