President Donald Trump created a media feeding frenzy worldwide when he openly accused former President Barack Obama nearly three weeks ago of ‘wiretapping’ Trump Tower in New York over a period in late 2016 and all the way to his taking office on January 20, 2017.

Trump offered scant information or evidence for his earth shattering allegations. The anti-Trump media went into overdrive to discredit the claim and used the term ‘unsubstantiated’ almost universally when discussing Trump claims about wiretapping. Democrats went apoplectic as well. Some like Maxine Waters, the Democratic Congresswoman from California who often has a tenuous relationship with reality was among those that began suggesting Trump should be impeached.

The story seemed to gain momentum as the days went by. The Presidents integrity was hanging in the balance but instead of retreating Trump insisted that information would come to light that would exonerate his claims. Sean Spicer echoed that during daily press briefings but it seemed the narrative was getting away from The White House.

That has all changed with a story so shocking it could rock Washington to it’s core and could entangle dozens of political appointees, government employees and could lead all the way to the former administration of Barack Obama. Only time will actually tell but it makes me wonder if President Donald Trump had laid the perfect trap and has been letting those on the left walk right into it.

As I’ve said this could be the biggest political story of my lifetime.

Intelligence Committee Chairman, Republican Devin Nunes dropped a bombshell  when he held a news conference and announced that he had seen evidence that members of the Trump Campaign, his transition team and maybe even the President himself were caught up in conversations with foreign officials. Under U.S. law when American citizens are picked up in such conversations their identities are supposed to be masked. However Nunes says it appears that instead of following the law members of the intelligence community duplicated the information and circulated it to as many people as possible.

Stories are now circulating that there may also be tapes of conversations involving members of the Trump team during the transition and after the inauguration that have been released in certain circles illegally.

The dissemination of information of those involved in the Trump Administration up to and possibly including President Trump himself by members of the intelligence community is a “Gross violation” of the law says Bob Woodward of the Washington Post. It is also a felony punishable by ten years in prison and for good reason.

I can assure you of this, there are plenty of people that are very nervous right now and they should be. That’s because Chairman Nunes said he didn’t get the information through normal channels but that he obtained it from a concerned member of the intelligence community that believed he needed to know what had been going on and what the truth is.

To be clear this does not prove that Barack Obama was involved with eavesdropping on Donald Trump directly but suggests he was likely aware that the intelligence community had picked up these items while listening in on foreign agents.

Another interesting note from Nunes is that none of this had anything to do with Russia like the press and Democrats have been selling for weeks.

It is also far wider and deeper than the missteps by General Michael Flynn that forced his resignation as National Security Advisor. It seems Flynn may have been another piece of bait in President Trumps trap. It is a trap I would like to call the Swamp Catcher.

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