I just read an interesting article that made me think of lost American jobs in a different way.  Who has caused the loss of more American jobs amazon.com or China?

CBS Market Watch just wrote an article in which they asked that question and believe may have answered it. They surmise that for every job amazon.com creates here in America they destroy one to three American jobs.


They are destroying the brick and mortar stores that our fellow Americans work or had worked in.

Who fault is it, is it amazon.com and Jeff Bezos or us, their fellow Americans?

We are the ones who purchase items from amazon.com and internet companies like them.  We enjoy the convenience and price and continue to order more and more items online.

We have seen this right here in Michigan and particularly here in Battle Creek at the Lakeview mall where both anchor stores Macy's and JC Penny's are closing their stores.

Again the question is whose fault is it, Amazon.com or us.  I think the answer is us.

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