President Trump is learning the hard way that Washington and the swamp it exemplifies isn’t easy to drain after all. He is learning that if you take too many shots too early, no matter whether you’re right or not, you will be on the receiving end of one attack after another. It gets to the point that you are swamped yourself and cannot get the boat moving. That is where this administration is heading unless there is some drastic action involved and that action involves bailing on those who are no longer getting it done.

I respect loyalty almost more than anything else, however loyalty at the cost of hobbling everything else is simply too much.

It is time to put Kelly Anne Conway on the bench. Lets be honest, she has had too many serious distracting gaffes that have given far too much glee to the media opponents of this President and it’s time for someone fresh and ready for the challenge. The person I’ve seen step up and step into the swing on several occasions has been Omarossa.

Sean Spicer has yet to truly recover from his first incredible fiery flameout in front of the White House Press Corps weeks ago. Sean is a solid guy with the right experience and background but he seems like he is struggling every single day. This is another job for a strong woman maybe Trump should look to Laura Ingraham who’d been rumored to be in the running initially for the job. Either way Sean Spicer will not make the 6-month mark in this role. And every time he struggles it is not a good reflection on the Trump Administration.

Finally, maybe it’s time to go old school and find some real Washington veterans who know how to get things done. Steve Bannon may have the Presidents ear when it comes to his philosophy but it is time to hire someone who has Donald Trump’s back when it comes to the daily war in the trenches.

Let’s face it the Democrats and their allies in the media aren’t going to be letting up any time soon. They think if they keep shelling it may finally pay off. These people really thinks it’s in America’s best interest to destroy this President at any cost. So they are going to keep attacking until they wear down the defenses of the President or find an actual scandal. So far they’ve done neither but how long can this go on without having an effect? I can’t say for sure because most Trump supporters I talk to are still on the train and bound for glory. Over time however I think this kind of constant struggle may where some of them out.

If you’re having trouble getting your building off the ground you may want to look at rebuilding your foundation. This may be the time to do that.

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