Lady Gaga is set to be the main attraction at Super Bowl Fifty-One in a couple weeks. Last year she sang the National Anthem this year Luke Bryan will be taking those honors as the 30 year-old Gaga gets the main gig.

Here is a warning to the National Football League; you’d better not let her do anything even remotely political and in opposition to Donald Trump for if you do it will be the beginning of the end for your league. If Lady Gaga, who openly despises President Trump turns the halftime performance into something other than straight entertainment and wanders into the minefield of  personal politics she will damage the NFL beyond repair.

This year we already witnessed the injury inflicted by the anti-American antics of Colin Kaepernick when he refused to honor the National Anthem and instead took a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner before each game. If Gaga goes in the same direction ratings for the NFL will plunge and will never recover. People will simply turn it off. That kind of insult to America will make people in Pittsburgh and Green Bay turn off their TV’s. You see when it comes right down to it people care more about this nation than they do about some sports team and they are not about to continue listening to the constant refrain of ‘America is bad and we are victims’.

Frankly people have had enough of this negative non-sense and they are ready for someone who will cheer them on to greatness. If that means hanging up their fan cleats well then so be it.

Hey National Football League; you’ve been warned so be very careful with what you allow her to do when she performs in front of the whole world!

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