Finally a politician who did something that I have been thinking and advocating on air for quite a while, and that is holding elected politicians responsible in court when they pursue illegal activities or do not follow the law.

According to the Denver Post, a Colorado State representative announced a bill which will allow people who are victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue state and local politicians who refuse to follow federal law i.e. sanctuary cities.

I totally agree with this bill. If a politician supports breaking the law which then endangers citizens they are suppose to work for and protect then they should be sued. I am tired of these politicians and their political posturing only worried about themselves, their career's and their party instead of working for the citizens of America, their states and cities.

In the Denver post article State Rep. Williams was quoted saying:

It’s beyond any reasonable thought as to why the Democrats, along with (Denver Mayor Michael Hawncock), would continue to not only act outside the law, which they swore to uphold, but also enjoy immunity from their reckless decision to place Coloradans in danger because of the sanctuary city policies that they created and continue to implement

He is exactly right they should be held accountable for "their reckless decision". They are breaking the law ladies and gentlemen. If we break the law and our fight we will be held accountable for our "reckless decision".

As I have been saying for quite a while on air, someone should ask these politicians what if I disagree with one of your cities laws or regulations and decide not to follow them, would you and the police have any sympathy for me?

What is also interesting about this Colorado state representative is that he is Hispanic, in fact the first Hispanic elected to his state district.

Representative Williams was quoted Int the Colorado Statesmen stating:

As the first Latino elected to Colorado House District 15, I think it’s important that we do all we can to uphold the rule of law and ensure all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, are protected from dangerous policies that are forced on us by radical, out-of-touch politicians who continually sell out to an unlawful agenda that increases the number of criminals, and needless deaths among our fellow citizens

Good for you Mr. Williams, I hope your bill is successful but something is telling me your fellow politicians will not agree with you.

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