Do you realize that the self-proclaimed socialist Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders received 598,943 votes to Hillary Clinton's 581,775 votes in the Michigan Democrat primary race?  Senator Sanders also won 87% of Democratic voters between the ages of 18-24.

It is a bit sad that it appears many of our young adults believe that others should pay for the stuff they want if they cannot afford it.

As being reported in the Michigan Capital Confidential news site, a Russian immigrant who happened to be taking classes at Michigan's Northwood University during last year’s election was amazed that these young adults could even think about wanting a socialist country.

The student named Konstantin Zhukov was quoted in the article stating:

When I heard Bernie Sanders’ ideas, I was surprised to hear them, but at the same time I understood why they would have an appeal, especially among teenagers.  I could understand from studying 2008, the anti-market sentiment was increasing because many people suffered and they were starting to blame it on capitalism and they thought they should blame capitalism.   There is a perception that socialism is fair. It is not fair

Mr. Zhukov has seen what socialism does to a society, a command and control economy takes away the hopes and dreams of people actually succeeding on their own efforts.

Mr. Zhukov went on to say:

In Russia today, it's all about connections really. Here in the U.S., from what I see, young people have higher hopes and they are mostly in control of their destiny

When he first came to the United States he could not believe all the different products that were available on our store shelf's.  He also said there is a huge difference between what the poor in America can afford or have access to compared to his fellow Russian citizens.  Because of this he said:

Here, under poor living standards, people can afford clothing, travel, things like that, where in Russia, you can't do anything. Sometimes people grow their own food to sustain their lives

He noted that someone in our middle class could work a part time job as a campus security guard and earn more than his mother did as an attorney in a Moscow suburb, with 20 years of experience.

The entitlement society we have created for our young children and adults is manifesting itself in these pie in the sky socialist dreams.  Many have not been taught or have forgotten that yes it takes hard work to get ahead in our society but at least you have a chance to get ahead.  Unlike many other countries and societies around the world.

The question now is what do we do about it?

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