How much time and money do you spend mowing the lawn? How much gas do you burn? How many quarts of oil?

Take time to consider how many hours you put in to cut the grass just so it will grow again and for what? I don’t mean just how much time you spend each time you cut the grass but how much time weekly or monthly or annually. How much do you get paid on an hourly basis… just an estimate will be fine. Ok take that figure and multiply it by the number of times you cut the grass each year. Add in gas, oil and any repairs you had to cover. It’s getting to be a pretty big number huh? Is it really worth all that?

Now consider that all of these mowers, weed whips and gas blowers have no emissions standards at least not on the level of cars on the road. So by making your lawn perfect and green you may in fact be doing far more damage to the planet if you buy all the climate change propaganda.

Now one more question. When was the last time you walked around your yard? I mean really walked around the yard and really made use of all the time, money and effort you put in?

Now you’re getting it. Screw the yard, have a beer.

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