The United States Democrat Senators took time out from delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s cabinet to attend a retreat in West Virginia.

The Washington Free Beacon is informing us about one of the sessions the Democrat Senators are taking.  They are attempting to teach the U.S. Democrat Senators how to speak to real people, to Trump supporters.

Really!  What are we different then everyone else, are we some freaks of nature?

We are just everyday Americans from different parts of our society.  We are the people who make America work, who pay the taxes that funds their salaries, budgets and the money they spend on their behalf, oh sorry I meant to say on our behalf.

Does this not tell you something about these politicians, these Democrats that they need to be reminded or taught how to speak with us?  This tells me that they have forgotten what it is like to be an everyday American.

This also proves once again what I have been informing my listeners for years and that is the political elite once they are in office for too long just plain out forget what it is like to be an everyday, real American.

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