“Unprecedented”, is a word being thrown around recklessly these days by the media with just about anything involving the first week in office of President Donald Trump. Now I realize most people have not one idea about actual American history and the truth about things that have happened here and around the world.

The latest misguided and reckless disregard for facts has surfaced over Donald Trump’s Executive Order to place a temporary ban on refugees coming from seven countries; Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Libya. The media is screaming to anyone that will listen that Trump’s move is ‘unprecedented’ and any cursury review of American history would show this is simply not true.

Let me share the sad tale of the ‘St. Louis’, a German steamer that headed to Cuba in 1939 with nearly 1,000 desperate souls trying to flee Nazi Germany. The ship was the focus of great media attention but despite that only about 30 of the people on board were allowed to disembark in Cuba. The ship then turned north and was so close to the United States they could seem the lights of Miami. Passengers and crew alike sent desperate messages to President Franklin Roosevelt pleading for mercy and a chance to come to America. Roosevelt never even replied.

Running low on fuel and supplies the ship headed east across the Atlantic and was able to avoid docking in Germany but not one country would take many of the passengers in fear for their lives. The UK took 288 the rest were forced to return to the mainland. Of the 620 forced to return 254 died in the ensuing holocaust.

I will not question FDR’s motives but he also ignored a bill put forth by Republicans and Democrats that would have allowed 20,000 Jewish children to emigrate. That bill languished and died in Congress.

Unprecedented? Not by a long stretch!

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