According the website there were 4,379 people shot in Chicago in 2016. 715 of those people died from gunshot wounds. As of today there have already been 38 people shot and killed, another 189 have been shot and wounded. That’s right there have already been 227 people shot in Chicago in 2017. To hear the liberal Democrats tell it, it is Donald Trump’s fault. I mean he has been President for less than an entire week.

To hear the left tell the story, Chicago is actually much like Disneyworld with a shooting gallery. Donald Trump is just giving a dark and hateful narrative on an otherwise cheerful place. Only in this shootout (not in the liberal fantasy) there are real consequences with real bodies on the ground and no real solutions anywhere in sight. Any problems that exist in Chicago, according to hardcore Democrats come from Republicans and those on the right even though they haven’t been in charge in the Windy City since before I was born.

The TV news-folks on the hard left like Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Van Jones and the other bomb throwers would have you believe that Donald Trump’s inauguration address was ‘dark and militant.”

Now if that means actually telling the truth about the destruction of peoples lives by gangs, drugs and pervasive and persistent violence in places like the inner cities of America then I guess they’re right. If that means telling the truth about the graveyard of American factories scattered from Pittsburgh to Peoria and beyond then I guess they’re right. If that means telling the truth about picking replacement parts from airplane-boneyards to keep the Marines in the air, then I guess the speech was dark and militant. If that means connecting with a forgotten America in the middle that feels mistreated and ignored then I guess they’re right.

Now on the other hand, I have different fingers but that’s for another day. Right now lets look at this from another angle.

To me, it is refreshing to hear the President tell the truth about the challenges we all face. It is a cold slap of reality to realize it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and Pink Pussy hats. It is also about damn time somebody was willing to look us in the face and say you know what; we have some real problems that we have to get under control and if we don’t then your whole progressive New World Order won’t mean much because if it all a falls apart before we give official ‘victimhood’ to every newborn baby that ran the abortion gauntlet and survived; then what difference does it make anyway? Seriously, what difference does it make if we hit a credit crisis and the monetary system fails, or get sucker-punched again by radical Islamic Terrorists while you’re spending all of your time on the critical issue of same sex bathrooms? Does it really matter if you have a cute handmade pink hat if there is an actual crisis we have to deal with?

Newsflash: Donald Trump won and you encouraging the obliteration of his Presidency three days in to it by supporting social justice warriors in the honorable pursuit of smashing windows out of fast-food franchises is probably not the best course of action. But hey, if cheering for Madonna while she dumps F-bombs live on national TV- four times over makes you feel better about yourself, well then by-God go for it. After all, I do support free speech. I mean as I shared with my daughter who was trapped in the women’s march in DC over the weekend with me and my wife; the only way to know how much you disagree with someone is to let them run their mouths freely. So hate away I say. Those folks are certainly reinforcing the very reasons your candidate lost in a big way and Donald Trump secured 57% of the Electoral College.

You can blame the Russians or fake news. You can say the voting machines were hacked or that Republicans somehow blocked minorities from voting. You can say just about anything you want. Again, I encourage that kind of dialogue and in fact I am cheering you on. I hope you continue to attack for the next four years. I hope you treat Donald Trump worse than Ronald Reagan. You do remember how his second run for the White House went don’t you? You do remember telling us we’d all die in a thermo-nuclear war if he were elected right? You remember telling us the economy would crash and burn right? You remember calling him Ronnie-Ray-Gun don’t you for suggesting we could put a nuclear defense system in place to prevent us from getting annihilated by other countries nuclear missiles right? Do you remember how those people said Russia would take advantage of us back then too? Don’t you?

Well, let me assure you, we all remember. So please by all means stay on the warpath. Please let Madonna speak on a regular basis. Please get Michael Moore on a regular nationwide tour as soon as humanly possible. And please continue to denigrate, insult, marginalize, label and degrade all of us that have an opposing political view with your uplifting message of inclusion. Please keep doing all of these things and we will see Donald Trump not only win two terms but Mike Pence behind him. Your radicalized view of the world and your weaponized social media attacks no longer intimidate the good people of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. You can kick and scream the entire time you fly over us from your home in L.A. to your condo in New York. You can continue to pump propaganda into the free running sewers of the internet but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect anymore.

Chuck Todd of NBC, George Stephanopoulos of ABC and a hoard of other scurrying rats can claim to have the high ground of journalism but we have seen behind the curtain and we know the truth about you.

So please be loud and be proud. Please tell us how you are enlightened and we are knuckle-dragging cavemen. Please proclaim that you know what is best for you, me and everyone. Embrace the nations that truly believe women are second class citizens while assaulting the world’s beacon of hope; America.

I beg of you to do this. For if you do we will finally rid this nation of the illness of progressive, socialist, Marxist thought that has sickened us for more than a century. It is time to put a lid on the garbage can Woodrow Wilson spilled into this nation and it is time to begin the long slog of cleaning it up.

Don’t worry we are happy to do it.

We know you have more important things to do anyway, like getting Madonna back on stage for an uplifting expletive filled diatribe on the deficiencies of being a man in America these days. Or maybe you’re too busy booking your all-inclusive trip to the exclusive South Chicago resort Liberal-land. After all, I hear it’s nice this time of year with it’s hail of bullets and recreational finger pointing. Being a victim and playing the blame game is certainly good fun for kids of all ages.

Ah yes, the beauty of free speech. No really, please continue.

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