On Tuesday I was contacted by a concerned parent telling me his fourth graders were being told they could not watch the Donald Trump inauguration speech. The parent also passed along an email from the teacher Brett Meteyer of Williamston’s Explorer Elementary School that explained his ‘reasoning’.

Meteyer wrote in his letter to parents that because of Trump’s inflammatory and derogatory comments during the election season, his demeaning comments about women, minorities and those with disabilities meant he just couldn’t let the kids watch the speech. He told me on the phone he was doing his professional duty to protect the children.

In effect, he is telling ten year olds that ‘your President is a bad person and therefore we cannot watch him on TV.”

This was just Meteyer’s latest left leaning screed. He wrote on November 9, 2016 that many of his children, that he alluded to were living in a rather non-diverse community were very upset by the outcome of the election. He was able to soothe those in despair in part by quoting the unequivocal role model Bob Marley.

As you can imagine the story has caught fire and is now the subject of national news stories. I appeared Wednesday on the Fox Business Channel and Martha McCallum featured the story on her primetime Fox News show and in this article published on the Fox News Insider:

But what is really strange, I’ve just learned from two sources that Meteyers children all attend a private Montessori school in another district. That is one of those things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Don’t worry we have a lot more to come- stay tuned!

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