Did you know that today is Michigan’s 180th birthday? Michigan's was accepted into our great union on Jan. 26, 1837.

The Lansing State Journal informed us of some interesting Michigan facts, such as:

Did you know that it was Abraham Lincoln in 1848 coined the term “Michigander”?  Abraham Lincoln referred to his opponent Democrat Michigan Governor Lewis Clark as a “Michigander”.  It was not a compliment either, his meaning was that he was silly as a goose.

Also, did you know that highway lines were invented and first used in Michigan back in 1911?  According to the Lansing State Journal he came up with that idea when he saw a leaky milk wagon drip a strip of milk down a dusty road.  He is quoted in the article as stating:

“Hey! If we painted lines on our good concrete roads, drivers would know where the middle is!”

Congratulations Michigan and Happy Birthday and hopefully many more productive and great years to come.

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