Joel Griffith is a research fellow in the Roe Institute at The Heritage Foundation.


Iowa Caucus Circus. SOTU.


Steve Gruber: Due to the Heritage Foundation joining me now here on the program Joel good to have you here. Thanks for taking the time.
Joel Griffith: Thank you. Good morning.
Steve Gruber: Alright, so State of the Union first, I found it to be optimistic and Nancy's stunt or Antics at the end of tearing up the speech. I don't think that helps her I don't think it helps it cause I think it looks childish. I think it looks terrible frankly your thoughts.
Joel Griffith: Yeah, that one's a bit of a surprise to those watching the speech with with a number of friends and we were we were very shocked. I don't know if that helps her at all politically or her side of the aisle in this is an event the State of the Union that traditionally has brought people together. You heard it in the remarks last night with the president's speech every president that delivers these remarks, you know, usually they point to areas in which there will be a fair amount of either celebration and or agreement and of course, they'll be

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