I am guessing that Hillary Clinton just keeps telling herself she was on her way to winning the Presidency but for the evil deeds of James Comey and a host of co-conspirators. She would be the leader of the Free World if not for the games of Vladamir Putin. She would have broken through the glass ceiling except that misogynists that just couldn’t bring themselves to pull the lever for a woman defended it.

She will say it’s her fault for losing but that slips away quickly and gives way to her ‘inner denier’.

During a short interview with Christiane Amanpour this week the former First Lady and New York Senator said she accepted responsibility for the stunning November loss but instead of really actually doing so she instead turned around in the same breath and scattered the blame far and wide. From Wikilieaks to the Russians her White House aspirations were apparently stolen. If not for James Comey she would be fully empowering the failed socialist policies embraced by her party since Woodrow Wilson began tearing the Republic down. She was rightfully the person to hold the highest office in the land but it was taken from her and quite unfairly I should ad.

She went so far as to say if the election had been held on October 27th she would be President today. That may be true. You know what else is true? If Hillary hadn’t gotten embroiled in all the lies of Benghazi she would have won. If she had told the truth about her email server she would have won. If she had not broken the law with her server in the first place she would have won. If she were a likeable candidate; I mean likeable at all, she would have won. If she had visited Wisconsin once, just once she would have won. If she had sent her campaign team to Michigan and Pennsylvania and taken those states seriously she would have won.

Now she says she is joining the resistance. I cannot think of anything more embarrassing than the former standard bearer of the Democratic Party who has been on the losing end of not one but two races she was supposed to walk away with, to “join the resistance”. I have a much better idea accept that the loss was yours; the loss was all yours and no matter how much you try to blame a host of others you Mrs. Clinton need to own it.

It is hard to believe but it is possible that Hillary Clinton could actually be less likeable in defeat than she was as a candidate. So on behalf of clear thinking adults everywhere; I am asking for her to do us all a favor and just keep quiet. Please.

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