No matter what you think about President Trump, I think we can all agree that the attack by the media against President Trump is unprecedented.

In preparation for my daily radio program I read a lot of news articles and watch quite a bit of news programs.  I realized this morning that I rarely if ever see a positive story about our President.

Many people hate President Trump, the question for me is what is actually driving this hate.  Is all of this hate being driven by what he is actually doing or by how the media portrays him as?

He has only been in office for about 4 months, a time period that is not that long and certainly not long enough that his actions during that time period would justify such guttural hatred.  There has not been enough time for our President to get passed and signed into law, laws which would warrant such criticism.  There also has not been enough time for him to institute that many polices which would warrant such hatred.

So the question is why so much hatred.  I understand part of what is fueling this hatred is what he said during his campaign for the Presidency, but does his words warrant such hatred?  Should we not give him some time as our President before so many of us pronounce their hatred for him?  I remember a similar reaction during the campaign of Barack Obama but once he was elected he was given time by his opposition to see what he would actually do.  This time is not being afforded to President Trump.

The question I have for all of you is, would you or in fact anyone be able to weather almost 100% negative stories about you day in and day out and not be thought of as a bad person?

Why don’t we first give President Trump some time to implement his policies, laws and agenda before we pronounce whether what he is attempting to do actually results in something positive for all of us?

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