It is key to note how Robert Mueller, who has been named as the man to investigate the un-substantiated accusations about alleged collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia, is being referred to in his new role. He is being called a ‘special counsel’ and not a ‘special prosecutor’, which may tell us a lot about what the case may and may not have in regards to any actual proof.

This is a win for the Trump White House. Make no mistake the networks and Democrats will call Robert Mueller a Special Prosecutor, knowing full well that is totally and completely inaccurate.

Several top Democrats have come out in support of Mueller, including Charles Schumer the Democratic Minority Leader. I can tell you without question if Trump is cleared and his campaign is cleared in general of so-called collusion with the Russian’s Schumer will change his tune and denigrate the former FBI Director. Schumer has his eyes on the White House himself and through that lens everything is distorted in favor of power.

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