The following is a beautiful poem by my young teenage step-daughter that she wrote to her mother, my wife, on this Mother's Day.

I was so overwhelmed by how well it was written and the depth of her thought I wanted to share it with all of you Mothers.

An obligation of being

They give
They protect
None of these an obligation of being

They love
They encourage
prepare us
For a future they do not know
nor a future we know

All they can do is prepare us
to take flight
into a world that we cannot comprehend
cannot fathom
a puzzle into the great unknown

They would strive to keep us safe
from the world
The abyss that could swallow us whole
if we are not prepared

The preparation is teaching us
to care
to nurture
to love
to teach
to encourage
to prepare others
for when that day arrives
when we have ours to call our own

We may learn
That while this role is not an obligation of being
But it is a blessing upon a mother
A blessing upon a child
A lesson
and blessing to generations to come

All because of you
your unconditional love
and determination to not make this merely
an obligation of being

May 13, 2017

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