Just because you wear green on your graduation day doesn't mean you don't still bleed blue. At least that's what one Michigan State graduate was thinking when this photo was taken during graduation ceremonies in East Lansing last week.

That's Tyler Brecht, an Alma native who committed at the very least some light treason in our state's preeminent rivalry, wearing Michigan gear under his Spartan graduation gown.

Despite spending four years at Michigan State, Brecht is still clearly a Wolverine fan when it comes to sports. So much for allegiances being shifted when you set foot on a college campus.

It turns out Brecht, who grew up on a farm, elected to attend MSU despite his predilection for the Maize and Blue on account of State's animal science/agribusiness management program. According to MLive, Brecht will be taking a job as an inside sales rep for Neogen, a company dedicated to food and animal safety, in their meat and poultry department.

Brecht also has good reason for being a U-M fan. Here's more from MLive:

Brecht's parents lived outside of Ann Arbor when he was born. His older brother, Jordan, was born with a birth defect known as VATER association and required treatment from doctors with the University of Michigan Health System.

Jordan has since passed away, but his parents became lifelong Michigan fans due to the care the doctors provided their son while he was alive. That loyalty was passed on to Tyler.

"When I was born, I was handed a University of Michigan T-shirt," he said.

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