I was asked to be on the BBC regarding Donald Trump and his alleged invitation for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Here are some of the the points I made during the broadcast.

-I Watched Donald Trump News Conference Live- I did not believe it was a serious comment- I took it for what it was- a jab at Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s ‘extremely careless behavior’ regarding emails and language

-No serious person would even entertain that this is somehow a breach of national security or espionage or treason

-DNC avoiding conversation about the real story, email scandal-

-racist emails

-sexist emails

-homophobic emails

-anti-semetic emails

-election was rigged by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC

-Bernie got screwed and everyone knows it

-Tonight Sanders supporters are planning walkouts and demonstrations

-Trump leading in all recent major polls- Democrats are desperate to change the  subject- blame Russia- who Obama laughed off Russia as a serious threat many times including during his debate with Mitt Romney in 2012- “the 1980’s called and want their foreign policy back.”

-LA Times has Trump +7

-Democratic Party was supposed to be unified- clearly it is not- needed a distraction

-Did Russia hack emails- maybe- no one knows yet- that is a serious problem if so- but they weren’t waiting for Donald Trump’s permission if they did

-If Russia was going after those emails that happened long ago- Hillary’s server is gone anyway

-Hillary said they were nothing but yoga routines and wedding plans anyway

-Obama reached out to enemies like Cuba, Iran, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt- that is ok but Trump saying he would like to get along with Putin to get things done in the world is a bad thing? Does the term double standard ring a bell?

You can click here to listen to my interview-

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